Tired of missed project deadlines or delayed orders?  Is it a headache getting support when you need it most?  Make those problems a thing of the past and bring Zen to your garden with our expert staff who have helped supply some of the largest gardens around the world. Professional growers have come to trust Zen Hydro to bring their projects to fruition and keep the wheels turning since 2008. Once limited to referrals, we are opening the doors to qualified growers who want to take their garden to the next level.

With our 50,000 sf warehouse conveniently located in Irwindale, CA, picking up orders is easy and convenient.  Is your garden too far for you to make the drive?  We offer discrete freight shipping and private delivery for those who require the utmost discretion.

Zen Hydro has a 3-tier pricing structure for our products.  Discounts on products are based upon the size of the order and customer purchasing history.

Tier 1 prices, our retail, small quantity prices, are listed here on our website.

Tier 2 pricing, is available to approved wholesale accounts after an initial $5,000 stocking order.

Tier 3 pricing, is available to approved wholesale accounts that maintain a purchase volume of at least $75,000 a year.

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