Royal Flush 16oz

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Royal Flush 16oz

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Royal Flush 16oz


A high quality crop needs a clean and effective flush to reach its full potential. By flushing your crops, you remove heavy elements and salts from the plant allowing for more aromatic and flavorful fruits and flowers.

Humboldt Nutrients Royal Flush supercharges the flushing process by grabbing-up and binding together undesirable salts and heavy minerals. The Royal Flush then strips these larger particles out of your plant through the plant's vascular system, leaving behind sugars and strong flavors.

It's as simple as this; imagine that your plant is composed of water, sugars and salts. If you flush out the salts and dry out the water, you're left with delicious and aromatic sugars, and sugars rule the natural world.

Try Humboldt Nutrients Royal Flush today and experience the difference between a flush, and a Royal Flush with a clean, sweet finish.

Royal Flush can be applied to all crops including vegetable crops, row crops, field crops, trees, vines, ornamentals, and gardens and landscaping. Royal Flush is a salt-eliminating, finishing solution for all plants growing in soil, potting mixes, soil-less rooting media, hydroponics and other gardens. Royal Flush can be used by the indoor and outdoor home gardener for all varieties of plants, such as flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, berries, shrubs, ornamentals, annuals and perennials.
Royal Flush is applied to all of your favorite plants in the final weeks of bloom. By flushing your crops with when a gardener feels it is needed, heavy elements and salts are removed from the plant, allowing for more aromatic and flavorful fruits and flowers. Royal Flush supercharges your flush, binding and removing undesirable salts and heavy minerals, making a more pungent, aromatic and flavorful crop.

Hydroponic applications:
Drain to waste: use 5-10ml of Royal Flush per gallon of pure water in your reservoir and run system. Additionally top-feed each plant 1-2 quarts of the water/ Royal Flush solution.

Application rates:
Recirculating: Use 5-10ml of Royal Flush per gallon of pure water in your reservoir and run the system for an initial 20-60mins. As you finish out the bloom stage continue to run Royal Flush solution through your system.
General Application: Use 5-10ml of Royal Flush per gallon of pure water.


Royal Flush 16oz.

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