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iPower 54W 4 Feet T5 Grow Light System with Stand Rack for Plant Growing, 6400K

Product Review (submitted on August 5, 2017):

8/5/2017 I purchased this head start light & stand 1/2017. I'd never purchased such a device & wanted to give my seeds and seedlings a 'head start'. I'm in east Texas so spring comes early compared to the north.
First, the mechanism to raise and lower the light is buttery smooth. The quality of the stand is really good too, though I do wish it were slightly more weighted on the bottom. That is probably just for me as I had it on an uneven surface. The on/off switch is a toggle and seems to be quality as is the cord from the light to the plug in.
As far as growing, I did not expect such great results from this system. Oh, I expected the unit to work and it did. The quality of the seedlings and young plants as they grew was excellent. I actually was surprised.
This may or may not be of interest ---- I purchased my light and stand from ebay. However I believe I am going to purchase shortly from ZenHydro as their price is better. Additionally, I've only read good about ZenHydro.
Thanks for reading.