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Your Delivery may be delayed due to Covid pandemic. Know More

Smart Pot Tan 5 Gallon

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Smart Pot has created a Growing Revolution™! Smart Pot is the original fabric planter dating back to 1984. With over 35 years of horticultural experience and over 40 million Smart Pots made, we’ve refined our fabric material to have the right amount of porosity to promote air root pruning, excellent drainage and allow excess heat to escape. Smart Pots are the most durable fabric planter in the market and won’t fall apart in the middle of a grow, so you know you’re offering your customers a premium gardening product. With Smart Pots, you can easily upsell to your customers. Strategically place Smart Pots in your store near soil, seeds, nutrients, etc. The 5-gallon Natural Smart Pot is 12” in diameter by 9.5” tall and holds approximately .341cubic feet of soil. Join the Growing Revolution today, with Smart Pots!

  • Customers can simply Unfold, Fill & Plant with a Smart Pot fabric Planter.
  • Smart Pots are made of a thick cut, non-woven geo-textile fabric and are built to last in the harshest environments for many growing seasons.
  • Smart Pots are totally inert- free of chemicals, Lead and BPA's.
  • Smart Pots are proudly made in the USA with strict quality control standards. All our raw materials and manufacturing process are sourced in the USA.
  • Environmentally responsive - Customers can plant earlier in spring because it warms up quickly and will release excessive heat in the late summer which extends their growing season.
  • The reusable Smart Pot provides plants with an ideal environment to thrive, increases yields, and develop to their full potential.


We have color! The Tan Smart Pot® provides a decorative aspect to the Smart Pot®. The qualities that make the regular Smart Pot® work are just the same!

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Brand: Smart Pot

SKU: GL56725715

Dimension Height: 1

Dimension Length: 12

Dimension Width: 12

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