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Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt Gallon

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Pro-TeKt® 0-0-3 The Silicon Solution® is a supplement that supplies soluble silicon and potassium to build stronger plant cell walls. In hydroponics, Pro-TeKt® is a replacement for the silica normally found in all soils (typically 5 - 10 ppm), though those natural levels provide only slight benefits to plants. Plants supplied regularly with Pro-TeKt® at 50 - 100 ppm of silicate, experience increased rates of growth with darker green leaves. Silicon adds mechanical strength and supports plants’ natural protection against insects and fungal infection. Additionally, plants supplied with soluble silicon become more tolerant to drought, heat, and cold stresses. Pro-TeKt® is deposited in the epidermis and cell walls creating a mechanically stronger plant that can support the weight of dense flowers, fruits and vegetables. Pro-TeKt® increases the plant’s rate of growth and photosynthesis by increasing levels of RUBISCO and chlorophyll under a wide range of lighting conditions. Pro-TeKt® can be used as a surfactant and to raise pH. Dyna-Gro® argues that silicon provided by Pro-TeKt® The Silicon Solution® is a 17th mineral element essential for plants. In addition to all the many benefits, Pro-TeKt’s® ability to make water wetter, makes it an ideal compliment to all our complete and supplemental formulas. Pro-TeKt®, used in tandem with our KLN Concentrate™ (rooting formula), dramatically improves success rates for rooting, transplanting and cloning processes.


Pro-Tekt® The Silicon Solution a silicon supplement, supplies higher levels of potassium and silicon to build stronger plant walls. Pro-Tekt® helps increase stem strength and leaf positioning, which improves photosynthesis. It also increases heat, drought and cold tolerance. Use as a supplement with any fertilizer. Recommended for all plants.

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