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Your Delivery may be delayed due to Covid pandemic. Know More


HERE'S HOW PH PERFECT GROW-MICRO-BLOOM (GMB) IS ACTUALLY 5-PRODUCTS-IN-ONE! The fact of the matter is: pH Perfect GMB offers you more value for your money than any other 3-part formula on the market and it's simply because you get 5-products-in-one with this formulation. pH Perfect GMB now contains Wet Betty which is an organic surfactant that lowers the surface tension of your water, allowing easier spreading and uptake of nutrients into your plants. The second ingredient is humic acid which provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into your plants more efficiently, so they grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. The third ingredient is fulvic acid which gives you quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular metabolism. Together, these two acids work synergistically to maximize the time your plants spend in bloom. The fourth ingredient in pH Perfect GMB is the highly-potent bud-potentiating nutrients themselves that feed your plants exactly what they need for fast, high-powered growth and impressive finishing harvests. And the fifth and final ingredient is the specialized "chelates" we've already talked about that get these high-powered nutrients into your plants as fast and as efficiently as possible! Together, these five products combine to create the most effective 3-part formula possible.

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Brand: Advanced Nutrients

SKU: GL521201-15

Dimension Height: 11

Dimension Length: 5

Dimension Width: 8

UPC: 845268002829