iPower Fan Speed Control Adjuster for Duct and Inline Fan 350W

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  • iPower Fan Speed Controller will correctly and precisely adjust the speed of your duct and inline fans
  • Durable 3-Pole Grounded Plug Construction, No Extra Wires Do Deal With
  • One control switch for 3 settings: Variable Speed, OFF, HIGH, MED, LOW
  • Built-in grounded control outlet. Suitable for all Duct and inline fans. Warranty: 1 year
  • Adjust range 50%~100%. To reduce the risk of burning out the fan motor, controller does not adjust below 50%
iPower is the leading manufacturer of grow light systems, supplying the gardeners worldwide for over a decade. Our goal is to put a light in every garden where needed. In addition to double-ended HPS/MH and ceramic MH technology, we offer digital ballasts, super HPS and MH lamps, fluorescent, and LED lighting. From hobbyist to commercial applications, we offer a broad spectrum of garden tools and equipment in hydroponics, irrigation, climate control, and structures to help your garden thrive. Features: - Knob Control with 4 options: Off, Low, Medium, and High - Ultra-compact and plugs directly into an outlet - no messy wires! - Plug-and-play for easy installation - 1 Mounting Tab for wall mounting
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UPC 799441267652
Dimension Length 4
Dimension Width 3.2
Dimension Height 2.6
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