Hydroponics Systems

Hydroponics Systems and Green Houses Benefits

CO2: Generator, Tanks, Regulators, & Organic Packs: With the help of CO2 generation plants grow to the best potential, provided the flow is well regulated. AT Zenhydro, you will find all the necessary equipment related to CO2 generation, such as Generators Tanks, Monitors &Regulators, & Organic Packs. Timers: Scheduling the availability of resources such as light and water is very important in a hydroponic setup. Timers can be used to control the activity many electrical devices such a lights and CO2 generators as well as for the flow of water. Digital Feedback Controllers: New technology has enabled us to control the grow room environment even remotely. With the help of different types of sensors, these devices detect the changes in climate and provide complete control of lighting, temperature, relative humidity, water flow, linked timers and CO2. Odor Control: One of the disadvantages of growing indoors or in closed surroundings is the smell generated in the grow room. With the help of good odor control products you can maintain the aesthetics of your surroundings, no matter what you grow.