Silicic Acids For Hydroponic Plants

While silica isn’t categorized as an essential plant nutrient, it still remains an important nutrient in the plant growing room and has application through various stages of growth. For this reason; you can aptly refer to it as the jack of all trades in the plant nutrients kingdom. 

mono silicic acidWhat is silica?  Silica is simply a common term for the compound silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is naturally occurring and abundant in many soils and a key component of plant tissue, even in higher concentration than other macronutrients such as nitrogen and potassium. It is usually made available in the form of mono silicic acid and orthopaedic silicic acid, by the micro-organisms in the soil. Because it is not categorized under the essential nutrients for plants generally, most growers have come to believe it is not essential in a normal feeding regimen. In reality, the benefits of silicic acids are nearly endless, the four most important functions being –

  1. Stronger cell walls, leading to bigger stems
  2. Increased resistance to pathogens and environmental stress
  3. Enhanced metabolic function
  4. Increased resistance to pests

Tips For Picking Silicic Acid compounds

Now, picking a brand of the nutrient may be quite challenging with so many to choose from, but here is, however, a tip to aid the process- When picking a brand of silica, ensure you choose only one with a high concentration of silicon dioxide so it works more effeciently.

Recommended Brands

Stout MSA

In hydroponic cannabis cultivation, the importance of silicon cannot be emphasized enough. While there are several options and additional supplements available in the market for cultivating cannabis hydroponically,  not so much is required to cultivate healthy cannabis, but even at that, it is wise to consider the use of silicic acid and one product we highly recommend is the Stout MSA from Alchemist. There are several potential benefits it can offer to growers. 

MSA promotes faster growth and helps improve cell development by accelerating the production of plant cell walls. When cannabis plants have access to all they need, the development process of the plant goes at its highest possible speed. It results in strong stem and stalks that can support larger buds or fruits. And the end result? Faster yields and more harvest!

Silicic has been found to reduce plant stress from heat, frost, and drought damage and the MSA does just that. What is more? The user-friendly application rate of 5mL per gallon makes it simple to use with dosers and injectors. 

Elite 91 Silicic Acid

Utilizing innovative new methods, Elite 91 Silicic Acid pushes the boundaries of the chemistry of silicon and its forms to the limit. Even though the product is completely soluble, it is still highly concentrated. 

Each bottle is enriched with 1.2% bioavailable silicon, and 4.1% Monosilicic acids concentration. It also includes zinc, molybdenum, boron etc. and supplies multiple essential micronutrients.In addition, it also has 21 L-amino acids that further support plant growth and health.

Elite 91 SILICIC ACID has been proven to supply bioavailable monosilicic acids down to the roots of the plants, enabling them to absorb the needed nutrients more effectively and grow to their fullest potential and yield the best buds.

Power Si Silicic Acid

Power Si, an original patented form of stabilized, bioavailable silicic acids for crops, it doesn’t just strengthen the plant, it transports immobile nutrients throughout the plant and makes them much more available.

power si


Just as available when used on other plants, Power Si substantially reduces salt build-up and dehydration in hydroponically-grown cannabis and also the space between the internodes caused by environmental stress and nutritional imbalances for better crop health.  Moreover, it doesn’t change the pH in the tank and is easy to use with other nutrients.

In essence, silicic acids can be helpful in several cases, and if you’ve never used it on your plants before, we strongly recommend that you try at least one on our list, and see the difference. Yes, they can still be used even in cases where there isn’t any obvious stress or pathology. Including some quantity of silicic acids from the early stages of growth will significantly improve plant’s health and ultimately increase plant yield. To understand dosing and mixing, visit

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A Glance At The Brand : House & Garden

In any indoor garden, there are those who strive to achieve the heaviest yields, and there are those who strive to achieve the highest quality. HOUSE & GARDEN Van de Zwaan is among the most popular brands for those who strive for the highest quality. Its unique and patented formulas are focused on offering highest quality nutrients at a very affordable price range.


Created by William Van de Zwaan, a master grower who has been a grower his entire life, House & Garden is the result of his experience.pastedGraphic.png Van de Zwaan began by searching for a hydroponic formula for his greenhouse operation. After failing to achieve the results he wanted with every nutrient line on the market, Van de Zwaan began to experiment and formulate his own additives. Out of all the additives, the root zone conditioner became the most famous one, which is now known as the Roots Excelurator. Eventually, other additives and base nutrients joined in and thus House & Garden was created.


Research and Development 

House & Garden employs some of the best experts in the industry to develop their full line of nutrients. pastedGraphic_2.pngHouse & Garden products do not include any harmful chemicals and PGRs. Each batch are lab-tested and quality controlled to ensure that the products are safe to use on crops for human consumption. As a result, they bring in front high quality products that get to be sold and delivered at the best prices on the market.

House & Garden is not only impressive in quality, but also visually distinct. Every House & Garden product is distinctly bottled and its designs are not often found on other brands of nutrients. The double-seal locking mechanism helps keep House & Garden nutrients fresh time after time. Your plants will bloom and grow and they will keep potential attackers and predators away, so your plant can continue growing and reach its utmost potential without any problems. Since all HOUSE & GARDEN products are designed to be fast and efficient; they are designed to mix easily in water, and no dwell time is needed in between adding different products!

 Resource Center

House & Garden provides a resource center where they give you tips and hints on how to grow better. All the little things matter, and in this case you receive all the value and efficiency that you need at a very good price. In the end, results are great, and you will be amazed with the huge efficiency that comes from such products in the first place.

What type of HOUSE & GARDEN products can you find on

The HOUSE & GARDEN company does a very good job at bringing in some of the very best products on the market. They have lots of base nutrients like Coco A&B Nutrients, stimulators such as Bud XL  or additives like the pH Stabilizer. Aside from that, they also have growing medium products like COCOS and an outstanding Starter Kit that makes it easy for you to get started with growing plants the right way.

Hydro A&B Nutrients is a very good product hat allows you to keep your hydroponic system full of nutrients without a lot of hassle. The system is designed to deliver rapid nutrient uptake and it helps deliver great fertigation for vegetative and flowering growth in no time.

Top Shooter is among the star products that is loaded with Potassium and Phosphorous, essential for a beautiful bloom period. On the other hand, if you are looking for good root zone growth, supplement. your system with Algen Extract which is a premium Norwegian Sea Kelp blend. Scale formation and salt deposits is a major issue in most hydroponic systems and can be tackled with products such as Drip CleanHouse & Garden

Roots Excelurator is another great product that helps you grow your plant’s roots fast and easy. It’s a root stimulator designed to ensure the growth of those roots while also removing any of the brown root problems and any potential diseases. You have a great root environment this way, and your plants will be way safer than before. pH Stabilizer is a very good product because it allows you to increase yields and improve plant growth. It’s a crucial product if you want to maintain a balanced pH level and also retain a true focus on value and quality as well as great consistency. The product also encourages a good absorption level. Cocos is a natural plant substrate. It’s created from coco peat and it’s not treated with any harmful chemicals, nor is it sterilized. Instead, you use a natural approach to obtain the best possible value and quality!

House & Garden Coco Nutrient A -- 20 Liters

The best part is that all these products are very reliable, efficient and they always offer the value and efficiency you need in a rather comprehensive package. The company is adding in new products all the time, and they are constantly improving the current products too.

One thing is certain, with their help you always get the best value for your money, so you should totally check them out. House & Garden brings in front a great set of solutions that you can use and enjoy at your own pace. It’s a great system and a wonderful set of opportunities to check out no matter what. Remember, it all starts with getting the best plant additives, stimulators and nutrients!

A Glance At The Brand : Veg+Bloom

A few decades ago when hydroponics was still in its infancy, people formulated their own hydroponic solution from what they believed was a good mix for their hydroponic systems. Even though some of these formulas worked well, finding the correct ratio was basically trial and error.


Granted, you may record success if you still use these trial and error methods of mixing hydroponics solution but why put yourself through all of that hassle when hydroponic nutrients can be used? At the very minimum, quality hydroponic nutrients provides a balance mix of nutrients for plants to reach maturity seamlessly in a non-soil setting. Simply measure the required quantity, add to water and let nature take its course. However, before you go shopping for hydroponic nutrients, you must realize that quality is crucial when picking any. And this is where Hydroponic Research comes in.

Hydroponic Research has spent the last fifteen years formulating, reformulating and redesigning and finally released for sale to the public a brand new standard in crop feeding – VEG+BLOOM Nutrients. They come in powder form and that means if you have a very large grow, or you store your nutrients in a different location than your plants, powdered nutrients such as these can make it much easier to transport back and forth.

Veg-Bloom Nutrients And The Benefits To Plants


RO/SOFT is perfect for virtually every hydroponic application such as rock wool and coco. The plant nutrient is specially formulated for soft water (under 200PPMS or .1-.4 EC).

pastedGraphic.pngAnd also simple to use; just dissolve VEG+BLOOM in to your final volume of water, and voila! You have a solution that contains vital nutrients required for maximum growth potential. For optimum results, combine with +LIFE and SHINE. With the right nutritional support, hydroponic plants can grow about 50 percent faster than they do in soil. Click here to purchase. 

Veg+Bloom TAP/HARD

This is another formulation is great for all hydroponic applications. This is a more acidic formula especially prepared for neutralizing alkaline water supply. (200+PPMS or 0.4-0.7 EC). When dissolved in your required volume of water, the solution is packed with essential nutrients vital for plant growth.

 Your plants can now bask in a solution that incorporates all the essential building blocks to grow a plant in all stages of its life cycle. What’s more, all you need for application are CalMag source and PH buffers. 


The base consists of calcium, magnesium, beneficial fungi, nitrogen, potassium, sugars, silica and phosphorus to name just a few. The simplicity and exceptional results of this product are only some of the benefits. It works well used in growing systems and different water qualities. For the best result, use Tap/Hard with  +LIFE and SHINE. 

Veg+Bloom HD

Another formula from hydroponic research, HD-H(ard)D(irty) it is created from a mixture of the  TAP/HARD and DIRTY formulas. While using this formula may seem a bit more complicated than the others, the formula has the potentials to yield the best quality results.  


PH must be kept in range within reservoir and the root zone as it tends to swing. You are advised to use smaller containers to keep the fluctuating PH in range through frequent irrigation. In soft water (0 EC – 0.4 EC), combine with +LIFE and +SIZE. Note that this product comprises of natural ingredients so you may find a few sediments and biofilm left. If you want a completely soluble formula, you may need to opt for RO/SOFT and TAP/HARD. That said, VEG+BLOOM HD encourages the rapid growth of seedlings and clones and also though the whole vegetative stage.  

Veg+Bloom RO/SOFT


It is specifically formulated for soft water (under 200 PPMS or .1-.4 EC). When you dissolve VEG+BLOOM in to your final volume of water, the solutions consists of essential nutrients for full growth potential. USE WITH +LIFE and SHINE for optimum results.

Veg+Bloom DIRTY

DIRTY is devised for soil and peat-based growing mediums. This formulation’s built-in alkalinity and Cation exchange enhancers makes it the perfect blend with premixed media products like Promix, Sunshine and Light Warrior. USE WITH +LIFE and SHINE for optimum results.