The Benefits of Using Bubble Bags

If you’re a hydroponic grower who has raised your plants and herbs to collect their oils and essences, you know how important the extraction process can be. After all of your hard work raising and tending to your plants through hydroponic growing, you want to make sure none of your efforts are wasted during the extraction process. The last thing you want after all of your efforts is to miss out on collecting all of your plants’ extracts, or to collect them in an inefficient way that leaves debris behind, rendering your extracts useless.

One of the best ways to prevent these things from happening to you is by using bubble bags for your extraction processes. These useful bags were designed with all of the nuances of the extraction process in mind to help you extract all of your plants’ offerings easily and efficiently. At ZenHydro, we carry a wide variety of bubble bags, so you can extract your plants to the best of your ability and keep all of your extracts organized. Read on below to learn about all of the benefits you can get by using bubble bags for your extraction processes today!

Organize Your Extracts

One of the most useful features about bubble bags is how easily they help you stay organized. Each of our bubble bags is color-coded to correspond with their micron rating, which lets you easily sort your different extractions by the filtration level you need. The more bags of different micron ratings you own allows you to get more granular with your extraction process, and ensures you have the proper micron level for each of your plants or herbs.

Remove Contaminants

While you want to make sure you collect as much of your plants’ extracts as possible, you also want to be careful you don’t collect contaminating debris or dust particles along with it. Contaminants like dust, plant matter, and leaves can render your extracts unusable, or decrease their quality, which is the last thing you want to happen after all of the hard work you put in to tending to your plants. The fine porous material of our bubble bags helps filter out any unwanted contaminants from your extracts, leaving you with only high quality and pure oils and essences.

Make Extraction Simple

At first glance, extraction can seem like a complicated process. However, by using bubble bags, the extraction process becomes simpler than ever before. With our wide variety of micron levels available, you can easily match your plants that need to be extracted with the exact micron level they need for the highest quality extracts, taking the guesswork and risk out of your extract collecting. Best of all, our bubble bags come with a pressing screen included, providing you with everything you need to get on your way towards collecting your highest quality extracts in a snap.

No matter what kind of plant or herb you need to extract, bubble bags will make your extraction process easier than ever!